Ottawa: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused some politicians of shying away from explaining the public the truth about the effects of the federal government’s carbon tax.

The comment was mainly aimed at Manitoba Premier Heather Stephenson.

Pertinently, there is a dispute between the province and Ottawa over the carbon tax. Recently a meeting with Stephenson, PM Trudeau said that in places like Manitoba, where pollution is being taxed by the federal government, the premier and other officials are reluctant to accept that the average family is benefiting from this tax rather than harm.

Due to this tax, instead of going out of their pockets, they are saving, Trudeau said.

“We have found a way to fight climate change and it is helping ordinary families and we will continue to do so in the future,” he said. It is worth mentioning here that Stephenson had demanded that the carbon tax be temporarily suspended so that people could fight inflation. Trudeau’s comments came in response to this.

After the meeting, Stephenson said trudeau and he had discussed the issue but there was no consensus between the two sides. Stephenson said that it is better to suspend it than to give exemption after collecting taxes.

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