Sameer Kaushal

The Sameer Kaushal Show

Tune into The Sameer Kaushal Show, where serious journalism prevails, every weekday morning from 7am – 9 am to discuss and analyze international news and local affairs. With more than 24 years of journalistic experience under his belt Sameer connects you with issues that matter most to you in the South Asian Diaspora.

Monday to Friday – 7am to 9am

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The Harjit Singh Gill Show

Harjit will take you down memory lane and paint a picture of your childhood walking in a dusty village in rural Punjab and at the same time highlight issues pertaining to our youth, seniors, and ordinary working people living in Canada. Harjit offers a breath of fresh air on serious issues that matter and will make you laugh and cry at the same time. Harjit’s tenacious style will unearth pertinent issues that are the talk of the town.

Monday to Friday – 9am to 11am

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The Nimmi Daula Show

A perfect 11 am show where host Nimmi Daula gives you a breather through her 2-hour infotainment driven show. Nimmi is known for her quirky “Bujharataan” and the much infectious happy-go-lucky laughter.

Monday to Friday- 11am to 1pm

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The Navjot Dhillon Show

At 1pm, listen in as life coach specialist Navjot Dhillon takes to the airwaves. Navjot is a two decade old radio professional with experience on multiple media platforms. Through her experience and knowledge, Navjot will share her thoughts on how to live a more positive and healthy life.

Monday to Friday- 1pm to 3pm

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The Dr. Jasbir Romana Show

Listen to the News analysis weekdays at 3 pm. Get the facts and  details as Dr. Jasbir Romana updates you in real time. Dr. Romana has been in news circles for over 3 decades now and continues to be passionate about keeping you informed and entertained.

Monday to Friday- 3pm to 5pm

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