New Delhi: The Congress party has suffered a major setback before the Gujarat Assembly elections 2022. Mohan Singh Rathwa, an 11-time MLA from Chhota Udepur, has resigned from the Congress and is likely to join the BJP.

It is being said that Rathwa was angry with the party for the last several days. Earlier in the month of May, Rathwa had said that he would not contest elections.

Rathwa says that he has now become old and wants to give a chance to the youth. It is also being said that Mohan Singh now wants to hand over power to his son Rajendra Singh Rathwa, who has been active in politics for some time.

Recently, he made it clear that he has been representing in the Assembly continuously for the last 55 years.

Now his feeling is that new faces and especially youth should come into politics in Gujarat. Those who have been becoming members of the Assembly for years should now happily pave the way for the youth.

Veteran leader and 11-time MLA Mohan Singh Rathwa has been winning from here since 2012. Now Rathwa has announced his retirement and is seeking a ticket for his son. However, Congress Rajya Sabha MP Naran Rathwa is also seeking the ticket for his son.

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