Edmonton: The police continue to investigate the circumstances around the deaths of Constables Travis Jordan and Brett Ryan. 

Constables Jordan and Ryan were killed on Thursday while responding to a family dispute call in an apartment complex near 114 Avenue and 132 Street in Edmonton. 

Officials say when the two officers arrived, they were met by a 55-year-old female complainant outside of the complex. The two officers then responded to the suite where she resided, along with her 73-year-old male partner and their 16-year-old son.

Police say immediately upon arriving at the suite, both constables were shot multiple times by the 16-year-old male and were immediately incapacitated. 

A struggle reportedly ensued between the mother and son over the firearm, and the suspect shot his mother before turning the firearm on himself, taking his own life. The father was not physically injured during the shootings.

Giving more information about the incident, Edmonton police say a 16-year-old boy displayed no sign of violence before gunning down the officers.

They say the officers were shot multiple times before they had a chance to enter the woman’s apartment.

Police say the youth had no criminal record or outstanding warrants but was known to them through a previous mental health call.

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