Ottawa: A 21-year-old Sikh student from India has been attacked in Canada’s British Columbia province. The student’s turban was torn in an attack by a group of unidentified persons, after which he was grabbed by the hair and pulled to the pavement.

The student has been identified as Gagandeep Singh. He was attacked when he was on his way home on Friday night, local media reports said.

Councillor Mohini Singh, who met Gagandeep after the attack, described his condition horrific. “I got scared when I saw him,” she told the news channel. He could only speak in a soft tone and he couldn’t open his mouth. His eyes were swollen. He was in a lot of pain.”

The councillor says she was told that Gagandeep was on his way home after grocery shopping around 10:30 pm on St. Patrick’s Day. He found a group of 12 to 15 youths in the bus, who were throwing wigs. They were harassing him and they threw a wig at him too. He told them not to disturb him. At this, he got off the bus. Later, he was attacked by them.

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