Toronto: Police are looking for three Punjabi-origin suspects in connection with the sexually assault investigation.

According to the police, August 27, police said a 31-year-old woman went to an establishment near Bathurst Street and Bloor Street West area, where she encountered. The three men were not already known to him. The woman walked out of the building with one of the men and after some time the other two men also came out of the building, police said.

The woman alleged that she was sexually assaulted by the three men.

On Sunday, police released a news report with images of the suspects, asking people to help identify them. The ages of the three are said to be between 25 and 35 years.

Police in a statement disclosed the information about suspects and said that suspect 1 is described as 25-35-years-old, with a thin beard. He was wearing a black turban, black T-shirt with a large brown patch on the left side with black pocket, blue pants, black shoes while suspect two is described as 25-35-years-old, with a beard. He was wearing a burgundy turban, brown or cream coloured checkered shirt, blue pants.

Similarly, police said that suspect three is described as 25-35-years-old, with a beard and short brown hair. He was wearing a red long sleeve shrit, black pants, and black shoes.

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