New Delhi: The twin tower in Noida was finally razed to the ground within seconds. Built in 13 years, the building collapsed in about 9 to 10 seconds with explosives.

As soon as the building collapsed, the smoke of debris was seen all around. When the Twin Towers were demolished, the people present here heard a loud explosion. People also felt the earth trembling. There was a cloud of smoke in the entire area.

According to the latest update, no casualty has been reported due to the demolition of the twin towers. All the steps taken keeping safety in mind fit well.

Trying to reduce dust

As soon as the twin tower exploded, the entire building fell down in the blink of an eye. But the dust spread everywhere. At present, the work of reducing dust has started. For this, smoke guns already deployed are being used. Apart from this, water is also being sprayed.

The Quick Response Team has reached the spot to lift the C-IND waste. The team hopes that all the construction waste of the surrounding road will be cleared within 1 hour.

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