Chandigarh: In Punjab, Aam Aadmi Party MLA Labh Singh Ugoke lost his temper in village Sahina. An angry MLA threatened the son of the woman sarpanch of the same village to be lodged in the jail. The sarpanch’s son was opposing the Aam Aadmi Party’s mohalla clinics.

Labh Singh Ugoke is an MLA from Bhadaur segment. In the video, the son of the woman sarpanch told MLA Ugoke that the health facilities currently running in the village should not be closed. This village has a population of 25, 000 people. If mohalla clinics have to be built, the village panchayat will give separate land for the building.

Even if there is a shortage of funds, the panchayat will build the building and give it. The sarpanch’s son said that earlier the residents of Dhallewal and Rudeke villages have also protested. If the mohalla clinic has to be built by the government, then build it in a small village. The population in the big village is high, due to which the facilities that are running should not be stopped. While, the existing hospital must be upgraded.

During this, the sarpanch’s son told MLA Ugoke that AAP had promised in the election that a 17-bed hospital will be built, but it was not built. To this, MLA Ugoke replied that he did not make any such promise.

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