Ottawa: Canadians are split in their opinions on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a new study conducted at the national level has revealed. Two out of five Canadians still say they like Trudeau as prime minister, but more than half answered that they disapprove.

The study, conducted by Angus Reed, sought to find out where Trudeau stands in comparison to the image of Trudeau’s predecessors in his office when he reaches the eighth year.

On a large scale, the results were in trudeau’s favor, while a large number of people have also given disapproval of Trudeau. At this point in his career, Trudeau has been found to have a higher approval rate than the previous three prime ministers by achieving 40 percent of their approval rate. In this case, only Jean Chretien is ahead of Trudeau.

A survey of 1,600 Canadians in early May revealed these facts. Trudeau’s approval rate is four points higher than that of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper and eight points higher than that of his own father Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Brian Mulroney’s approval rate was found to be only 12 percent.

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