New Delhi: Congress MP Rahul Gandhi attacked the central government fiercely during his speech in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday. Rahul Gandhi lashed out at the government over the Agniveer Scheme and Adani case.

He said that during the ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’, we listened to people and also spoke. We spoke to children, women, the elderly during the journey.

He said that when we asked the youth about their jobs, many said that they are unemployed or drive cabs. Farmers said they did not get money under the PM-Bima Yojana, their land was taken away while tribals talked about tribal bills.

Rahul Gandhi said that retired senior officers said that agniveer scheme came from RSS, Home Ministry and not from army.

He said that the Agniveer scheme is being imposed on the Army. Retired officers said people are being trained to use weapons and then asked to go back to society, which will incite violence. They (retired officers) feel that the Agniveer scheme did not come from the Army but NSA Ajit Doval imposed the scheme on the Army.

The Congress MP further said that there were no words like unemployment and inflation in the President’s address. From Tamil Nadu, Kerala to Himachal Pradesh, we have been hearing the same name ‘Adani’ everywhere.

The youth asked him that Adani is now in 8-10 sectors and how his net worth has increased from $ 8 billion to $ 140 billion from 2014 to 2022.

From Apples in Kashmir, Himachal to ports, airports and road construction contracts were given to Adani.

Rahul Gandhi said that the relationship started many years ago when Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. One person stood shoulder to shoulder with PM Modi, he was loyal to the PM and he helped Modi.

There is a rule that one who does not have prior experience of airports cannot be involved in the development of airports. The Government of India has changed this rule. This rule was changed and Adani was given six airports.

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