Chandigarh: The Punjab police have made new claims about Amritpal Singh, the chief of Waris Punjab De, that he had made all preparations to create a separate country ‘Khalistan’.

The police have recovered Khalistan currency, flag and map of a separate country has also been recovered from his supporters.

Khanna Police SSP Amneet Koundal said on Friday that all these revelations were made by Amritpal Singh’s gunner Tajinder Singh alias Gorkha Baba.

Koundal said that these people had made a new flag of Khalistan, separate currency and even the flags of Sikh princely states. Apart from the private army Anandpur Khalsa Fauj (AKF), a Close Protection Team (CPT) was also formed. Every person of AKF was allotted a special number.

Amritpal Singh was preparing to start an armed struggle to create Khalistan, a separate Sikh country.

Two WhatsApp groups were created and young boys were enrolled in the Anandpur Khalsa Fauj group by brainwashing them. The second group was called Amritpal Tiger Force, in which only Amritpal’s close associates were members.

A firing range was also set up, ex-servicemen were training,

Police said adding that a video of the firing range has also been found from the mobile of Amritpal’s gunner in which ex-servicemen are seen giving training to use weapons.

This firing range was built in Jallupur Khera village of Amritpal. The police have released this video. It is seen that those living with Amritpal are practicing firing.


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