Chandigarh: The Ajnala police have registered an FIR against Waris Punjab De head Amritpal Singh, his five accomplices and 25 unidentified people.

It is alleged that Amritpal Singh has beaten up an Amritdhari youth while also instigating his supporters to beat the young man.

According to the information, Varinder Singh, a resident of Tehsil Chamkaur Sahib district, said in a statement to the police that he had posted some posts on Facebook against Amritpal. Since then Amritpal had a dispute with him.

Complainant said that, he had come to Amritsar and when he left after dinner, a car stopped near him. Some youths got down from the car and kidnapped him and brought him to Jandiala Guru. Amritpal was there with his supporters. First he slapped and then for about two hours, different people beat him up, he alleged.

According to Varinder, Amritpal repeatedly asked him to make a video by naming Deep Sidhu’s brother Mandeep Singh, Palwinder Singh Talwara and Baba Bakshish Singh. When he refused, they started beating him more. Later, Amritpal and his associates made a video of his apology.

Meanwhile, on the statement of Varinder, the Police Station Ajnala police have registered a case against Amritpal and his associates under various sections.

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