Baba Bakala: Tarsem Singh, father of Amritpal Singh, the head of pro-Khalistani organisation ‘Waris Punjab De’, has expressed his apprehension that “no untoward incident will happen with his son”.

Tarsem Singh claimed that his son Amritpal Singh has been arrested by the police yesterday, which is also being said by Amritpal’s supporters since yesterday. But the police deliberately denied this in an official statement yesterday. Amritpal has been declared a fugitive by the Punjab Police.

The father has expressed apprehension that the police and the government are strategising on how to frame Amritpal in a strong case. Tarsem Singh also expressed apprehension that police may take untoward step against his son.

He also said that family members were kept in the house arrest by forces in their houses. The house is being searched, which is condemnable. He said that Amritpal is doing good work, connecting people with ‘Amrit Sanchar’ by eliminating drug menace from Punjab but this was not being tolerated by authorities.




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