Chandigarh: Kirandeep Kaur, NRI wife of fugitive Amritpal Singh, head of Waris Punjab De, has broken her silence and said that Amritpal is being framed in false cases.

Kirandeep Kaur is a British citizen. However, she is originally from Village Kulara in Jalandhar.

Talking to a newspaper, Kirandeep said that she met Amritpal Singh for the first time through Instagram. “I was very impressed with his posts and thoughts. I thought this man works for religion and humanity. He is a true Sikh, who loves religion and has been giving priority to the work of religious discourse.”

She said that many people have been opposing him but he has remained loyal to his religion and truth. Amritpal Singh has been living his life with simplicity. He has always talked about Sikhism. His views on the rights of Sikhs have always been different from others.

Stating that Amritpal is innocent, Kaur said that he always raised his voice for religion and the people of Punjab. He didn’t do anything wrong, he is being framed by the government.

“It is not wrong to propagate your religion. Amritpal has always inspired the youth to stay away from drugs. Today they are being framed on false charges. I will always support him,” she said during the interview.

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