Ottawa: A recent survey found that 5% of women at Canadian military colleges were sexually attacked in the past year, while 9% were sexually assaulted while drugged or intoxicated. The survey also revealed widespread unwanted sexual behavior, such as inappropriate jokes and touching, with 82% of female and 64% of male students experiencing such incidents. Only 1% of male students reported being sexually attacked.

This survey, conducted in response to a recommendation by former Supreme Court justice Louise Arbour, highlighted ongoing cultural problems at these institutions. Many female students distrust the college administrations to handle complaints fairly, and the rates of unwanted sexual behavior have increased since a 2019 survey.

The results have prompted senior defense leaders, including Gen. Wayne Eyre and Defense Minister Bill Blair, to acknowledge the issues and commit to addressing them. The findings underscore a significant problem with sexual misconduct at military colleges, and experts like Charlotte Duval-Lantoine emphasize the need for more effective protection and accountability within the military.

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