British Columbia: On Friday, British Columbia is poised to challenge longstanding temperature records as it experiences a preview of summer weather. According to Environment Canada, the Fraser Valley could see temperatures climb into the high 20s, potentially breaking a heat record for May 10 in Abbotsford. The current record, set in 1993 at 25.3 degrees Celsius, is nearly a degree cooler than the forecast for Friday. In the Okanagan region, temperatures are expected to soar to around 30 degrees Celsius in Kelowna, surpassing the previous highest recorded temperature for May 10, which was 23.4 degrees Celsius in 2007. This heatwave won’t be confined to southern areas; even places like Prince George and Dawson Creek are anticipated to experience temperatures in the mid-20s, possibly breaking or equaling existing daily heat records. Given these conditions, the B.C. government is advising individuals with pre-existing health concerns, seniors, and those at risk to prepare for the summer-like weather. They recommend seeking shelter from the heat in places like shopping malls, libraries, and community centers.

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