Victoria: The province is urging people across British Columbia to conserve water. saying current forecasts suggest much of the province will experience drought conditions through the summer months.

In a press release, it said while the recent rains have provided relief for some regions in B.C., these have not been enough to overcome the limited rain and precipitation from previous months.

The British Columbia government said the increased flows that are present in some streams and river systems are likely to be shortlived.

“Everyone is responsible to do their part to conserve water and reduce the risk of negatively affecting the environment and other water users. Water suppliers and vendors are also asked to ensure that they have an adequate water supply until rainfall can improve conditions,” the province said.

The government said if conservation measures do not achieve sufficient results and drought conditions worsen, temporary protection orders under the Water Sustainability Act may be issued to water licensees to support drinking water for communities and avoid significant or irreversible harm to aquatic ecosystems.

People and businesses in these areas have been asked to reduce water use wherever possible and adhere to all water-related restrictions imposed by local or regional government, water utility provider or irrigation district.

At present, the East Peace, Fort Nelson, and Finlay areas are currently under Drought Level 4. A majority of other watershed basins in B.C. are said to be in Drought Levels 2 or 3.

According to the government, British Columbia ranks drought levels from 0 to 5, with Drought Level 5 rated as the most severe with adverse impacts to socio-economic or ecosystem values being almost certain.

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