VICTORIA – Due to market conditions and rising fuel costs, the 0.5 per cent fuel rebate applied to fares will be removed on December 1. BC Ferries closely monitors the cost of fuel and applies a rebate or surcharge, or neither, under a regulatory process that is independent of fares.

This will result in customers no longer receiving a rebate of 10 cents for an adult passenger and 30 cents for a vehicle on the Metro Vancouver – Vancouver Island routes, and approximately 5 cents for an adult and 10 cents for a vehicle on inter-island routes.

Over the past 17 years, BC Ferries has been using a fuel rebate/surcharge mechanism to manage the volatility in the price of fuel. When fuel prices are lower, BC Ferries passes lower fuel prices on to customers through a fuel rebate. When fuel prices are higher, BC Ferries charges a fuel surcharge specifically designed to cover the additional cost of fuel only. There have also been periods with neither. The company does not benefit financially from surcharges or rebates.

BC Ferries has made significant investments to reduce its consumption of fuel and use alternative, lower cost fuels, such as liquefied natural gas to replace the use of diesel fuels. The company is also introducing battery-equipped ships designed for future full electric operation when shore charging infrastructure can be installed in B.C.

The fuel rebate will be removed on all routes with the exception of the Port Hardy – Prince Rupert, Prince Rupert – Haida Gwaii and Port Hardy – Central Coast routes. These routes have a separate mechanism pertaining to the cost of fuel and the rebate will remain at 1.5 per cent until further notice.

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