New Delhi: Taking a dig at the ruling BJP, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi Saturday said that he considered the saffron party his guru as it constantly reminds him what should not be done while being in power

Talking to the media, Rahul said that Bharat Jodo yatra is against violence, which has been a very successful journey so far. There is also the issue of unemployment and inflation, the elected have billions and the rest have nothing.

I didn’t carry anything with me because it’s a living thing, where there are emotions. Personally thank you everyone.

He said, “I Thank RSS and BJP. The more they attack, the more energy you get, I consider them a guru, they are showing the way.” He said that leader of the opposition is all . . . They stand with us. There are political complexions. Akhilesh and Mayawati ji also do not want hatred.

Rahul said that BJP and Congress cannot be the same, because these two ideologies are different. This is not a tactical political fight. In fact, an ideology is necessary to defeat that ideology. There is an ideology of socialists in UP, it cannot run everywhere in the country. Only The Congress in the country can fight that ideology.

In Madhya Pradesh, Congress will sweep and BJP will not win. Because everyone knows that the BJP has formed the government by giving money.

“I belong to a martyr’s family, my father and grandmother were martyred and I understand that feeling. No one among the top leaders of the BJP understands, no one among their top leaders has been martyred,” he said.

Rahul Gandhi said that the army should not be used for political gains. Soldiers standing on the border today, I love them, they should not be hurt. Our government has mishandled the case of China.


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