Ottawa: Days after Patrick Brown was re-elected as mayor of Brampton, Nikki Kaur, who worked as a director with the City of Brampton, has began a legal battle.

A litigation hold sent by Kaur’s lawyers to the City of Brampton and she is beginning to pursue a legal action in the case of her alleged wrongful dismissal from the job.

The litigation instructed an organization to preserve certain records related to the dismissal of Nikki Kaur from the job. Nikki’s lawyers have also alleged that she was fired from the job as part of a conspiracy.

It has also been said that the senior staff of the city and the mayor’s office are also involved in this matter.

Brown won with 60 per cent of the vote and was appointed mayor, while Nikki Kaur, who received 25.5 per cent of the vote, came second.

On being fired from her job on Tuesday, Nikki Kaur said that all this was done to silence her due to her attempt to highlight the irregularities and mismanagement in Brampton City Hall. Meanwhile, none of the allegations levelled by Nikki Kaur have been proved so far.

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