Ottawa: Canada’s economy gained a net 150,000 jobs in January, mostly in full-time work. This continued an upward trend in total employment that began in September 2022, with cumulative gains totalling 326,000. According to a statement by Statistics Canada, the employment gain was witnessed mainly people aged between 25 to 54.

According to the latest population estimates, in the third quarter of 2022, Canada’s population grew at the fastest rate in over 50 years, mainly driven by an increase in non-permanent residents.

The largest employment increases were in Ontario (63,000), Quebec (47,000) and Alberta (21,000) while employment declined in Newfoundland and Labrador (2,300).

At the same time, employment declined in transportation and warehousing (17,000).

Meanwhile, the unemployment rate held steady at 5.0% in January, just shy of the record-low 4.9% observed in June and July 2022.

The total number of unemployed people stood at 1.0 million, similar to the level observed since the summer of 2022.

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