Ottawa: Canada has confirmed 21,810 new COVID-19 cases in the week ended October 22, according to health officials.

Canada’s Public Health Agency (PHAC) said on Friday that the total number of cases and deaths in the country now stands at 4,336,860 and 46,389, respectively.

According to the PHAC, the number of people who have taken at least one dose of covid-19 vaccine as of October 9 was 83 per cent.

However, those who had completed the primary series in the last six months or received booster doses with the vaccine were only 17.2 per cent as of October 9.

The country’s chief public health officer Theresa Tam said last week that the PHAC was gingerly monitoring the incidence of the Omicron variants, which are the most common sub-variants in the country.

Health Canada said that the first vaccination was one of the most effective means to protect against Covid-19.

Taking a booster dose will help individuals avoid serious illness and other complications from infection, health officials said.

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