Ottawa: Canada is monitoring the unrest in Niger following last week’s military coup, but has no imminent plans for evacuating the hundreds of Canadians in the West African country.

Global Affairs Canada says 269 people have officially registered in Ottawa’s database of citizens abroad as being in Niger, where a faction of the military claims to have overthrown democratically elected president Mohamed Bazoum.

In a statement, Ottawa says it’s closely monitoring “the evolving situation on the ground” and that there are no Canadian diplomats in Niger, since those assigned to the country work from neighbouring Mali.

Global Affairs Canada says Ottawa “is not planning any assisted departure or repatriation flights for Canadians in Niger”, while France has been moving European citizens out of the country.

Niger’s main airport is closed but slated to reopen for commercial air travel Saturday.

Canada’s current travel advisory advises against all travel to Niger, and says those in the capital of Niamey should exercise caution around security forces, government buildings and large gatherings, while also advising they keep an up-to-date passport in an accessible, secure place. — Canadian Press 

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