Vancouver: Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly in Vancouver this morning announced that the Government of Canada is bringing in a new Indo-Pacific strategy that will bring the country $2.3 billion in investment over the next five years.

This will further strengthen Canada’s ties with the Indo-Pacific region. The scheme covers every sector of the society, she said.

The Indo-Pacific Strategy has five main goals:

· Peace, resilience and security

· Expansion in trade, investment and flexibility in supply chain

· Investing and connecting people

· Building a stable and green future

· Making Canada an active and dedicated partner in the Indo-Pacific.

In a statement, Government of Canada said that encompassing 40 economies, over four billion people and $47.19 trillion in economic activity, it is the world’s fastest growing-region and home to six of Canada’s top 13 trading partners.

The Indo-Pacific region represents significant opportunities for growing the economy here at home, as well as opportunities for Canadian workers and businesses for decades to come.

Today’s media meeting focused on Canada’s investment to open a visa processing centre in Islamabad, Pakistan. $74.6 million will be invested to enhance visa processing capacity within Canada’s centralised network in the Indo-Pacific region, which includes Islamabad, New Delhi, Chandigarh and Manila.

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