Vancouver: The city council on Tuesday announced the secondary and honorary name of Canada Place. Canada Place will be known as Komagata Maru Place. 

In a press release, City of Vancouver said this decision forms part of the City’s ongoing efforts to redress historical discrimination against South Asian communities and is informed by community input and support. 

The city said the site for the honorary naming was chosen due to its historical significance, being the location closest to where the Komagata Maru ship docked in 1914. 

The ship had 340 Sikh, 27 Muslim and 12 Hindu passengers onboard. They were mostly from Punjab, British India, and most were denied entry into Canada, marking a significant historical incident of systemic discrimination. 

“Today’s decision is a meaningful step towards acknowledging and rectifying our city’s historical missteps,” said Mayor Ken Sim. 

“By designating ‘Komagata Maru Place’ as a secondary name for ‘Canada Place,’ we look to honour those affected by the 1914 incident and renew our commitment to learn from the past and build a more inclusive future,” he added.  

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