Ottawa: Tax season workers at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) agency will start a strike from April 14, 2023. A majority of PSAC-UTE members who exercised their right to vote voted to give their union a strike mandate.

About 35,000 workers represented the Public Service Alliance of Canada – Union of Taxation Employees (PSAC-UTE) will jointly begin the strike.

Reacting to this, the authorities said that CRA respects the collective bargaining process and remains committed to pursuing meaningful negotiations with a view to conclude a new collective agreement that is both fair to employees and reasonable for Canadian taxpayers.

“While our priority is reaching a deal at the bargaining table, we recognize the right of employees to engage in strike activities. As we announced in our March 31, 2023 statement, the CRA and the PSAC-UTE agreed to meet to resume negotiations with the goal of reaching a new collective agreement, from April 17 to 20, 2023, ” CRA said ij a statement.

It said, “We are confident that the parties will find many areas of potential compromise and trade-off, through honest discussions and concessions by both sides, during the upcoming negotiations.”

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