Ontario: The National Public Health Agency said that it is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation in China. However, there was no indication from the agency that it would make testing mandatory for travellers coming from China on the lines of the US.

The Public Health Agency of Canada said in a statement that level two notice already exists for all countries, including China. This means that travelers will have to follow health precautionary rules, as well as use personal protective equipment, postpone travel for a while and stop high-risk activities.

On December 23, an additional notice was also posted regarding the Chinese New Year, saying that there is a possibility of huge crowds in China due to the celebrations to be celebrated by the end of January. This can increase the risk of Covid-19 or other diseases.

It also said that China has recently lifted covid-19 related restrictions, which is likely to increase the number of COVID-19 cases in the country. Therefore, people who have not been vaccinated are advised to avoid unnecessary travel.

PhAC said in a statement that it is monitoring genomic sequencing data and the impact of several variants of COVID-19 on public health in China. Starting January 5, a COVID-19 test has been made mandatory for travellers travelling from China to the US two days prior to travel and they will have to provide negative results before boarding the flight.

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