New Delhi: The central government has opposed the petitions approving gay marriage. The central government has filed a reply in the Supreme Court and opposed all 15 petitions.

Centre said that same-sex marriage cannot be allowed. This is against the concept of Indian family. The concept of family is from husband and wife and children born to them.

Living together as partners and having sex with same-sex individuals is not comparable with the concept of the Indian family unit of husband, wife and children, which essentially treats a biological man as a ‘husband’, a biological woman as a ‘wife’ and a child born out of the union of the two. Who is raised by a biological man as a father and by a biological woman as a mother.

In its 56-page affidavit, the government has said that the Supreme Court and the High Court have clarified the interpretation of personal liberty in many of their judgments. This petition should also be dismissed in the light of these decisions. Because there is no fact worth hearing in it. It is also appropriate to reject it on the basis of merit.

Same-sex marriage cannot be recognised even as mentioned in the law. Because the definition of husband and wife has been given biologically. Accordingly, both have legal rights. How can a husband and wife be treated differently in the event of a dispute in a gay marriage?

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