CHANDIGARH: Punjab Congress president Amarinder Singh Raja Warring today dared the Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann that if his government was so keen to prove their confidence, let them seek the confidence of people of Punjab by holding fresh elections after dissolving the Vidhan Sabha.

Reiterating that the “Operation Lotus” claim of the AAP was a mere drama, Warring asked, “why would BJP destabilise or dethrone your government as you are their B-team only”. Instead, he added, the BJP has been destabilizing only the Congress governments.

“Why are you enacting the drama of seeking vote of confidence in the Vidhan Sabha, nobody has any doubt about your majority in the house, better seek the vote of confidence of people of Punjab which you definitely have lost”, Warring challenged the Chief Minister, after he moved the vote of confidence in the Vidhan Sabha.

The PCC president who represents Gidderbaha Vidhan Sabha segment, said, nobody has any doubt about the confidence of the house but what is doubtful is the confidence of the people of Punjab in this government. “If you are really so keen and so confident to take such a high moral ground, dissolve the Vidhan Sabha, hold fresh elections and let us see how much confidence of people you still enjoy”, he dared the government.

Asserting that the “Operation Lotus” was a sheer drama, Warring wondered as to why would the BJP need to unseat the AAP government, which in any case was its (BJP’s) B-team. “Yes we are opposing your Operation Lotus drama because we know that the BJP will never disturb or destabilize you as you are their B-team”, he asserted.

He said, wherever the AAP fought elections, it harmed the Congress to benefit the BJP. “You helped and facilitated BJP’s victory in Uttarakhand and now you are trying to repeat it in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh as well”, he told the AAP, while cautioning them, “you are already exposed and you can’t fool all the people all the time”.

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