CHANDIGARH: Punjab Congress Committee president Amarinder Singh Raja Warring today questioned the Aam Aadmi Party government’s move to bring in the “vote of confidence” in a special Vidhan Sabha session on September 22 when nobody had challenged it about having lost the numerical majority of legislators.

“Enacting a theatrical ‘confidence show’ you cannot win the confidence of people that you have already lost by your various acts of omission and commission”, PCC president said in a statement here today, while remarking, “it is not the vote of confidence, but the vote of low confidence”.

“Normally a government brings in a vote of confidence when its majority is questioned by the opposition that it has lost the confidence of the house”, he pointed out, adding, “but in this case the government is trying to bring in vote of confidence in itself, apparently for the reason that it has completely lost confidence in itself”.

“This is actually a vote of low confidence as the government has completely lost its own confidence and that of the people of Punjab owing to a series of setbacks like investigations into the liquor scams in Delhi and Punjab, the embarrassment caused by the false claims over the BMW investment and other multiple failures”, he observed.

Warring said, given the numerical advantage the AAP government has in Vidhan Sabha, it is a foregone conclusion that it will win the confidence of the house. “But how will you win the confidence of people that you have already lost and shattered?” he asked the AAP leadership, while adding, “statistical numbers are really not enough to satisfy the expectations of the masses which you have badly belied and betrayed”.

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