Ottawa: The 43-year-old MP and former minister Pierre Poilievre will be principal opponent of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2025 as federal Conservative Party chose him its next leader.

Poilievre won the leadership race of the opposition Conservative Party with a landslide on Saturday evening.

The Calgary, Alberta-born lawmaker pledged to sack the central bank governor, railing against a public health mandate and vowing to make Canada “the world’s most independent country.”

His campaign says it has signed more members than the entire Conservative Party in the last two leadership races. In the second quarter of this year, he raised more money from donors than his leadership opponents combined. He earned support from Stephen Harper, Canada’s last Conservative Prime Minister.

During the leadership race contest, he clinched victory with an impressive 68.15 per cent of the available points on the first ballot. He dominated the polling results and he lost only eight to his main opponent, former Quebec premier Jean Charest out of the 338 electoral districts in Canada.

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