Ottawa: The Commissioner of Correctional Service of Canada, Anne Kelly,  on Thursday said serial killer Paul Bernardo will remain in the Quebec medium-security prison he was transferred to earlier this year.

Anne Kelly said a review of the controversial decision to transfer him out of the maximum-security Millhaven Institution found the move was “sound” and followed all applicable laws and policies.

The 85-page review released Thursday shows Bernardo’s security classification was reviewed 14 times between 1999 and 2022, and each time he met the criteria to be moved under medium security.

The review said these results had previously been “overridden” because his high-profile status placed him at a greater safety risk, and most of his interactions with other offenders in maximum-security prison were extremely restricted and controlled.

In the review, it is said that Bernardo applied to be moved to the medium-security Bath Institution in June 2022, but a security review that found he met the bar for transfer was “overridden” because of his failure to integrate with other inmates.

The review says Bernardo then worked with senior officials at Millhaven to develop an integration plan, was “fully integrated” within that prison by July 2022, then successfully applied to be moved to the La Macaza Institution. — Canadian Press. 

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