Chandigarh: Amritpal Singh, the head of Waris Punjab De, has been on the run for nearly 17 days. Punjab Police is conducting search operations from Punjab to nearby states in search of Amritpal. While Khalistani supporters sitting abroad are repeatedly protesting against the action on Amritpal, now they are also targeting Indians living abroad.

The higher officials of the Indian Embassy have now taken notice of it.

Friends of Canada and India Foundation President Maninder Gill said he was scheduled to host a dinner for High Commissioner Sanjay Verma, who visited Canada, a day after the action against Amritpal on March 18. But, Khalistani supporters called for a protest.

After this, on March 19, Khalistani supporters reached the venue and abused the guests, not only this, but also started engaging with the media personnel. During this, some people were also injured. The protest of Khalistani supporters lasted for about 5 hours. Gill says that since then he has been receiving death threats on social media accounts.

A complaint was also filed by a lawyer of the Delhi Supreme Court against the Khalistani protest outside the Indian Embassy in Washington, USA. While filing his complaint with the Delhi Police, the lawyer also demanded the cancellation of passports of Khalistani protesters.

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