Ontario: Bonnie Crombie has said that her entire focus is only on the responsibilities of the mayor of Mississauga, amid reports that Ontario’s Liberal Party has asked her to run for leadership.

Crombie’s comments came after a news conference held in Mississauga to draw up a new housing strategy for the city amid the media reports suggesting that she was being courted by liberal party members to join provincial politics.

Responding to a question on whether or not he had any interest in the Liberal leadership, she said that at the moment she has a lot of work in Mississauga. Crombie said that she loves her city very much and loves her work as mayor.

“Today, we have introduced a housing plan. Earlier, we had pledged $75 million for our new hospital.” She said that such a thing is happening in Mississauga itself and she is able to pay all attention to the issues here and the development of her city.

Quoting a senior party official, it was reported in the media that several members of the Liberal Party wanted Crombie to be a candidate for the party’s leadership. But she has not publicly shown any interest in this work, but she has not explicitly denied it.

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