North Vancouver: City of North Vancouver on Tuesday said it recently identified and corrected a clerical error in the production of its 2023 tax notices. 

According to the city, the error, which resulted in property tax collection surpluses, occurred when inputting the British Columbia Assessment Authority rate into the tax collection system. 

“Upon detection, the error was immediately corrected and credits were applied to all affected tax accounts following thorough review,” the city said in a statement.  

North Vancouver city council said the error, which was actually an entry miscalculation, led to 

a total over-collection of $75,784, representing approximately 0.05 per cent of the city’s total tax revenue for the year 2023.  

“We apologize for any inconvenience this clerical error might cause,” said Larry Sawrenko, Chief Financial Officer. 

“We want to assure all affected property owners that the necessary credits have been applied to their tax accounts and enhanced controls have been put in place to prevent a future occurrence of this nature.”

The city has announced that staff will assist if any property owner wishes to seek an immediate refund. 

“The credit will automatically be reflected on 2024 statements when property taxes are due and no action is required by property owners,” the city said. 

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