Ottawa: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has deleted a tweet containing false information of sentencing 15,000 protesters to death in Iran after facing backlash on the social media.

A picture was shared on Instagram by celebrities and users in which a woman is seen with an Iranian flag and she is also holding a caption that says that 15,000 protesters have been sentenced to death in Iran, a tough lesson for the rebels. After this, Instagram called it fake information and said that this information has no basics in it and not based on facts.

The post was also shared by actors like Sophie Turner and Viola Davis. Late On Monday, Trudeau tweeted that the decision to sentence 15,000 protesters to death was a “blunder” decision and he condemned the Iranian regime’s decision. However, the tweet was deleted after the truth was found out, but it remained on social media for 12 hours.

It is also learnt that iranian policymakers have been demanding that the country’s judiciary should not be lenient with the protesters. But so far only one person has been sentenced to death this week. But the United Nations warned last week that similar punishments could be meted out to other protesters as well.

After the death of a 22-year-old girl, Mahsha Amini, there was a series of protests across Iran that have not been seen in the last several years. Around 2,000 persons have reportedly been charged. The hearing of these cases is being made public and they have been going on for more than two weeks. As many as 326 people have died during the protests.

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