Ottawa: Negotiations between the Federal and provincial governments over the future of health care in Canada have come to a standstill. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has also indicated from his recent comments that he will not bow down this time.

In an interview, Trudeau said this time he would not let health care reforms get off track. Provincial premiers, on the other hand, are seeking more funds from the federal government to improve their ailing health systems. “There is no doubt that this is a big problem, but every time the federal government releases funds and can’t wait hand-in-hand to see this problem solved,” Trudeau said. That too when the problem still doesn’t go away. But now the time has come when the system has to be improved, he said.

Hospitals across the country are overcrowded due to the spread of respiratory disease among children, on the other hand, there is also a shortage of staff to treat children and other patients. The provinces had been demanding talks with the prime minister over the demand for an increase in long-term and other funds after the pandemic.

Provinces want the federal government to pay 35 percent of health care spending across the country, which is 22 percent more than what it is now.

At first, Trudeau had asked provinces to wait until the end of the pandemic for this fund, but later released a lump sum of $ 2 billion, which was dedicated to this work, during the Omycron Wave.

Now Trudeau says the system needs to be reformed before releasing more funds. He also said that no more funds will be released by them until the provinces brings a reform.

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