Ottawa: The Department of Finance said that eligible Canadians will receive a grocery rebate from July 5, as promised by the Liberals.

This was ratified only after a bill was passed by Parliament in this regard this week. For 11 million low- and middle-income Canadians, Canada Revenue Agency will give $467 directly to a family of four via deposit or cheque, while single individuals or children without children will receive a rebate of up to $234 and seniors up to $225.

In addition, $2 billion will be given to provinces and territories in the form of federal health transfers that will help eliminate the backlog about waiting times for treatment and also give paediatric hospitals and emergency rooms a little breather.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a tweet wrote, “The Grocery Rebate is officially coming to eligible Canadians on July 5th. 11 million people across the country are going to receive hundreds of dollars in support by direct deposit or cheque. We’ll keep working to make life more affordable for you.”

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