Ottawa: The federal government is warning of backlogs for immigration and passport applications as a result of the ongoing public services strike.

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser warns that as the strike continues, disruptions to important services are getting more and more severe.

The 155,000 public servants walked off the job more than a week ago to call for higher wages, enshrined work-from-home measures and other provisions.

The job action has also resulted in massive Canada Revenue Agency slowdowns at the height of tax season.

President of Public Service Alliance of Canada Chris Aylward said the government is stalling the negotiations. He also demands Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to step in talks related to their contract negotiations. 

Treasury Board President Mona Fortier says she wants to make an agreement quickly, but it has to be one Canadians can afford. 

Hundreds of striking public servants on Wednesday piled onto Parliament Hill for a rally in the rain as negotiations with the federal government appear to be at a stalemate. — Canadian Press

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