Ontario: Premier Doug Ford is expected to announce the future of Ontario Place soon. Ford has agreed to the idea of bringing the Ontario Science Center to Ontario Place. He also said that an announcement in this regard may be made soon.

When asked about relocating the Science Centre, Ford said the idea was floated a year ago. “It’s a great idea,” he said.

Former Toronto councillor and mayoral candidate Ana Bailão announced last week that she supports shifting the Science Center to Ontario Place. Bailão said that with this, the shift of the space occupied by the Science Center will create space for new homes there.

Bailão emphasised that with the shifting of this center, the space for 5000 new houses will be leveled and 1500 of these will be affordable houses. Ford described it as a golden opportunity.

Meanwhile, councillor and mayoral candidate Josh Matlow said Ford should reconsider his comments. He said that such a step could be a matter of serious concern for the community which has a science center. Chris Glover, who represents the site where Ontario Place is located, acknowledged that there was a dire need to build homes, but described the premier’s comments as “aloof”.

Mitzi Hunter, another mayoral candidate, said it was very important to seek public opinion for the redevelopment of any place. He described the city’s latest proposal as “very ambitious” but added that it required large-scale adjustments.


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