Ottawa: David Johnston has filed his final and confidential report on foreign interference to the prime minister, ending his controversial term as special rapporteur.

Johnston had announced his plans to resign the role earlier this month, saying the atmosphere around his work had become too partisan.

The former governor general was appointed to the role in March, as the Liberal government faced increasing pressure to tackle allegations that China meddled in the last two federal elections.

Johnston’s initial report in May concluded that a public inquiry would not be a constructive way forward, angering opposition parties, who accused him of being too close to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

In a news release on Monday, the office of the independent special rapporteur says Johnston has sent Trudeau a “supplement to the confidential annex” of his earlier report, meaning it will not be made public.

Opposition party leaders had been in negotiations last week to decide on terms for a possible public inquiry. — Canadian Press

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