New Delhi: Gangster-turned politician Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf have been shot dead in Prayagraj. According to sources, the incident took place near Prayagraj Medical College. Both were shot more than 10 times. The police have arrested two persons in connection with the case.

Atiq and Ashraf were taken for medical examination. Vijay Mishra, the slain gangster’s lawyer, said that someone from the crowd of journalists fired at Atiq Ahmed and his brother from close range.

Some videos of the incident have also surfaced in which Atiq Ahmed and his brother can be seen talking to journalists when someone shot the gangster in the head. The next moment his brother was also shot.

Former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has tweeted about the incident that crime has reached its peak in UP and the morale of the criminals is high. When someone can be killed by firing openly under the security of the police, then what about the security of the general public? This is creating an atmosphere of fear among the public, it seems that some people are deliberately creating such an atmosphere.

Atiq Ahmed had submitted an application to the magistrate through his lawyer on Friday to attend his son’s funeral, which was to be decided in the chief judicial magistrate’s court on Saturday, but the process of burying the body was completed before the court proceedings. Asad, the third of Atiq Ahmed’s five sons, had been on the run since the Umesh Pal murder case. Atiq’s eldest son Umar is lodged in Lucknow jail, while his younger son Ali Naini is lodged in Central Jail.

At the same time, the fourth son Ahjam and the youngest son Aban are in a juvenile home in Prayagraj.



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