Ottawa: Canadians should not be under any kind of misunderstanding if they are happy that their gas tanks will now be filled due to falling oil prices.

Cameron Benn, who loaded his truck on Tuesday, said he had to fill gas at 1.66 danners per liter and it was not cheap in any way. Yes, it has happened that a few months ago, where the prices reached $ 2 per liter, now it is up to $ 1.66 per liter.

Despite this, they are more expensive than they were a year ago.

The report, released by Statistics Canada, said gas prices fell in July, bringing inflation to 7.6 per cent instead of 8.1 per cent. But for anyone who travels in transit, bikes, electric cars or on foot, there has been no reduction in inflation.

Apart from this, those whose income is fixed also did not get any kind of relief from inflation. For them, things got worse this year.

But many consumers say inflation is much higher than what Statistics Canada is reporting. Everyday things have become more expensive than the limit. Many economists say the Bank of Canada should continue to raise interest rates.

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