Chandigarh: Dreaded gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, in an interview with a private news channel from jail, claimed that gangster Goldy Brar had murdered Punjabi singer Shubhdeep Singh alias Sidhu Moosewala, to take revenge. Bishnoi was arrested by the Punjab Police in connection with the murder of Moosewala.

Bishnoi, however, justified the murder of Moosewala and also threatened Bollywood actor Salman Khan once again. Bishnoi is currently lodged in Bathinda jail.

During a video call interview purportedly from a jail, Bishnoi said that he had no enmity with Moosewala, but late Punjabi singer had helped people who killed Vicky Middukhera. He also assisted to eliminate Goldy Brar’s brother Gurlal Brar.

“After these murders, we were convinced that Sidhu Moosewala was engaged in strengthening our rival gang. I was aware that the murder was going to happen, but I was not involved in the planning of the murder. Goldy Brar, along with my gang members, killed Moosewala. They made all the planning and the work was executed in May,” he claimed during the interview.

Bishnoi also said that the Punjab Police acts in a biased manner as Moosewala was not questioned even once in the murder case of Vicky Middukhera nor his manager was summoned as Moosewala had a close alliance with several ruling Congress leaders in Punjab.

Similarly, Bishnoi once again threatened Bollywood actor Salman Khan and said that either Khan will have to apologize or he will take revenge.

Interview not from Bathinda jail, claims Punjab jail authorities

After the interview, the Punjab jail authorities claimed that this interview of private TV news channel was not from Bathinda jail.

Jail authorities in a statement said, “Rumours are taking rounds that the interview was recorded from inside Bathinda Jail. It is to clarify that the rumours are baseless and that this video is not from either Bathinda Jail where the prisoner is currently confined or from any other Jail in Punjab.”

It is further clarified that this prisoner is at present confined in the High Security Zone of Bathinda Jail where strict surveillance is kept over his activities 24×7.

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