Chandigarh: Akal Takht Jathedar Giani Harpreet Singh warned the governments to refrain from creating an atmosphere of terror in Punjab due to political gains. He said that the governments should refrain from resorting to government repression and illegal detention with those youth who are talking about their rights in a democracy, as Punjab has already suffered a lot and now there is a need to move towards a better future.

In a statement issued here today, jathedar said that there are deep wounds in the consciousness of Punjab of the oppression of the rulers of the past and no government has ever taken seriousness to heal them. He said that the context cannot be overlooked that there is a strong dissatisfaction in the Sikh youth mentality against the discrimination and excesses of the governments from time to time, but the big powers are constantly looking for opportunities to make the Sikh youth directionless and scapegoats by playing with their emotions.

He also advised the Sikh youth to follow the path of intellectual and academic transformation instead of taking the path of confrontation and called upon them to preserve the golden future of the nation.

He further said that the planning of the establishments of the time is very poor, due to which the youth should be hesitant to get into any debate that gives the governments an opportunity to suppress the Sikh youth. He said that the policy of weakening the Sikhs religiously and politically by the governments would create a vacuum and unrest among the Sikhs.

Jathedar said that political opponents of successive governments have played a major role in instilling a sense of alienation in this country among the Sikhs who made the most sacrifices for india’s independence, but today the time is demanding that the Sikhs learn from the mistakes of the past. By simplifying political and economic issues, the sense of alienation among the Sikhs should be eliminated.

He said that in order to fulfill the interests of politics and power, today’s governments should refrain from instilling a sense of terror, fear and alienation among the youth of the minorities and uphold the righteous state religion.


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