Brampton: Patrick Brown, mayor of the Canadian city of Brampton, was heckled in a temple by the Hindu community for allowing ‘anti-India elements’ to hold a ‘Khalistan referendum’.

Patrick Brown was heckled in front of four federal lawmakers, three provincial lawmakers and two municipal councillors. However, during this time, Liberal MP Chandra Arya came to his defense and pacified the people and urged the gathering to respect the guest.

Mayor Patrick Brown was asked by Hindu diaspora to remove hate banners against Hindus from all over the city. The banner read that a mob of Hindus had burnt a milk-mouthed Sikh child. Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown was asked if they would try to remove those banners put up by Khalistanis. To this, he replied, “We love everyone.”

Recently, India has raised its objection to Canada and asked it to stop the referendum to be held there on Sunday, November 6.

The Indian government had earlier condemned the referendum, calling it a threat to India’s sovereignty and integrity.

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