As promised by the BC NDP during its election campaign, British Columbians could get $1,000 in the mail as part of a one time recovery benefit  before Christmas.

On Wednesday, Premier Horgan told reporters that his government is working to pay the recovery benefit before Christmas but that plan could be delayed.

This benefit will apply to those families whose annual household income is less than $125,000. A one-time $500 payment will be given to individuals making less than $62,000 a year, with those earning up to $87,000 eligible for payment along a sliding scale.

“We’re pretty confident that… in a week or so we’ll be able to get those deposits done shortly thereafter,” said Horgan.“We’re targeting Christmas, of course,” before saying the payments could come in early January.” Horgan added.

Horgan said his cabinet will be sworn on November 26 and on December 07 the legislature will reconvene.

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