Amritsar: A hotel agent near Golden Temple has been arrested on Tuesday after a video of him offering a Hotel room along with girl to a YouTube blogger has gone viral.

Some hotel owners in Amritsar have also made a video of the this agent in which he was seen apologizing.

In the video released by the hotel owners, the agent asked for forgiveness citing that he made a mistake under the influence of alcohol. He said that he accidentally offered the girl under the influence of alcohol.

After the video went viral, Police Commissioner Amritsar has also taken strong cognizance of it. The Police Commissioner has issued instructions to take strict action against hotel owners running businesses.

Police officials said the man who offered the girls to blogger has been arrested. He is being interrogated.

Police officials said that although hotels are also checked in the routine, but now full strictness will be adopted. After interrogating the arrested broker, action will also be taken against hotel owner, where he was working.

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