Ottawa: The House of Commons passed the Federal Liberal Government’s Gun Control Legislation Bill C-21.

The majority of MPs voted to pass the bill, while two Liberal MPs, who belong to the northern constituencies, voted against the bill on the lines of the Conservatives. The bill has been passed a year after it was first introduced.

It has now expanded significantly from when it was introduced in May 2022.

Earlier this month, Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino introduced the amendments made to the bill on the expansion of the proposed gun control standards in the bill.

After the amendments, extensions and changes made to this bill, its form became something like this: Once the bill comes into force, the technical definition of the Criminal Code will ban assault-style weapons, the manufacture or purchase of ghost guns will also be legally prohibited, the official terminology of upholding indigenous treaty rights was clarified, Once it becomes effective it will undergo a parliamentary assessment of the technical definition after five years.

But the opposition Conservatives say law-abiding people should not be targeted by the law. Bill C-21 was supported by the Bloc Quebecois, The New Democrats and the Green Caucuses. The number of votes was 207 against 113.

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