Chandigarh: Taking a dig at former chief minister Charanjit Singh, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) senior leader and finance minister Harpal Singh Cheema said that Channi is only shedding crocodile tears. If he had actually cared about SC and ST people he would have taken an action against the people who embezzled SC scholarship money. Now when he is facing the consequences of his corruption he only wants the sympathy of the people.

Addressing the media here on Friday, Harpal Singh Cheema said that Congress has always treated SC, ST and BC people as their vote bank, misled them and used them for 70 years. In Punjab also months before assembly elections Congress made Charanjit Singh Channi first SC Chief Minister of Punjab to lure the voters. He said that if Congress would have actually cared about the poor people of our state and country they would have facilitated them but instead Congress kept basic rights and facilities out of the reach of these people because they never wanted them to be educated and developed.

Cheema said that Channi launched all schemes just a couple of days before the code of conduct at the time of Punjab assembly elections 2022, this shows his insincerity towards these people. He said that during the rule of Congress their ministers gulped down 64 crores of SC scholarship funds but even after becoming the CM Channi took no action against any corrupt minister or officer. Due to corruption of Akali and Congress governments, the number of SC students applying for the scholarship had declined too. But after the formation of an honest government in the state these numbers have increased 2-3 folds because students have trust in the Mann government. Cheema said that it wasn’t just the money that corrupt leaders had stolen, they robbed poor children of their fees, dress, books, their future and dreams.

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